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Our History

Offenhauser & Co.

Offenhauser has a rich history of service to clients....

  • 1880's - Kelsey and Offenhauser began with attractive handwriting before the typewriter was in common use
  • 1920's  - Began insuring public utilities throughout central US using pooled concept, forerunner to captives
  • 1930's  - Developed proprietary policy forms and opened claims department to advocate for clients
  • 1940's  - Developed fire-protection engineering department
  • 1970's  - Began development of specialty industry practices- example medical malpractice
  • 1990's  - Added the first of four additional offices in Atlanta, Mt Pleasant, San Antonio and Texarkana
  • 2000’s - Divested utility business and acquired controlling interest in United Insurance Agency
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Offenhauser & Co.

Serving you since 1882

with 2 locations in Texarkana USA
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